The B.A.R.F. series is great!

As a barf trainer, I have been looking for a good alternative to tinned food for a long time! With Anifit I can say for the first time that this is a wet food that has inspired me from the beginning!

1. Clear and exemplary declaration

2. main ingredient meat

3. free from attractants and colourings

And no animal by-products such as fibres, hips, wool, intestines, horns etc. are present!

It's also suitable for all ages, and that's exactly the right thing to do! and not this confusing declaration puppy, adult, senior ... which is complete rubbish, because a wolf won't say to its cub: "No, that piece of deer isn't for you yet, you'll have to get a bit bigger!" 😁

Other advantages that I have noticed (but are not self-evident) They do not have a larger output, do not smell from the mouth and their fur is equally shiny!

Very good!

My dogs love it just as much as your barf menu!

Thank you & best regards,

Melanie Mayr

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